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Heat Shrink Cable
Cast Resin Cable
Pre-molded Slip-on
Copper & Metal Cable
General Cable
Management Products
Customer Service
Special Products
General Warranties Statement

Thin wall tubing
SCG - Commercial Grade

RLCHF – Standard Grade w/o Flame retardant

- Electrical/ Electronic Wire Harnessing

- Electrical Engineering
- Automotive
- Telecommunication
- Avionics

- Switchgear and Switchboard Fabricators
- Electrical insulation
- Wire bundling and color coding
- Strain relief
- Cable marking
- Corrosion and chemical protection

- Insulation and protection of connectors

- Provide flame retardant
Dual Wall tubing with Thermoplastic Adhesive Lining

RDW – 103 Dual Wall Tubing

RDW – 102 Dual Wall Tubing

RDW – 104 Dual Wall Tubing
- Electrical/Electronic Wire Harnessing

- Electrical Engineering

- Automotive

- Telecommunication

- Avionics

- Electrical Insulation

- Used as Breakouts or Lead-outs and end-caps

- Protection for wire and connectors

- Waterproofing and moisture proofing

- Provide flame retardant
Medium and Thick Wall Tubing
With/without Thermoplastic Adhesive

RMW - Medium Wall Tubing with adhesive lining

RMWUE – Medium Wall Tubing without adhesive lining

RMW/F – Medium Wall Tubing with high flame retardant and adhesive lining

RTW – Thick Wall Tubing with adhesive lining
- Power Distribution and Transmission

- Electrical Engineering
- Automotive
- Telecommunication
- Marine and Off-shore construction
- Ship Building Industries

- Heavy Equipments ManufacturersOil and Gas Industries

- Bus-duct Manufacturers
- Railway Lines Maintenance

-Cable splicing
- Cable end terminations
- Corrosion and Chemical Protection
- Waterproofing and Moisture-proofing

- Mechanical Protection of cables and Connectors

- Electrical Insulation
- Cable Joint Closures
- Sealing of Pipes Joints

Heat Shrink Molded Parts

RBKE - Breakouts

RECP - Cable end-caps

RWRMT - Wrap Around sleeves
- Power Distribution and Transmission

- Cable manufacturers

- Telecommunication

- Electrical EngineeringWater, Oil and
Gas Industries
- Cable end terminations
- Sealing ends of new cables
- Corrosion and Chemical Protection
- Used to lead-out
- Cables in Joints and Terminations
- Repair of Cable jacket

- As Closure for Power and telecommunication cable joints

- Protection and sealing of large Pipes joints
CATV - Heat Shrink Tubing with low Shrink Temperature

RCTT - CATV Tubing

- Cable Television Industry

- Automation and Equipment

- Manufacturers

- Communication and Transmission

- Splicing of CATV Cables

- Splicing of Control Cables

- Splicing of Communication Cables
Anti-Tracking Heat Shrink Tubing

RSSL - Medium Wall Heat Shrink Tubing

RSST - Thick Wall Heat shrink Tubing
- Switchgear and Switchboard Fabricators Insulation of Bus-bar for MV Switchgear and Switchboard
Termination and Jointing Systems

RTERM100 - LV Heat shrink Termination System

RSJ100 - LV Heat shrink Straight Through Joints

RTERM-SIE/FV - MV Heat Shrink Termination System

RSJSM - MV Heat Shrink Straight Through Jointing System

RCGT - Resin Straight Jointing System

RCAV - Resin Branching Jointing System
- Power Distribution and Transmission

- Utilities Board

- Power Generation

- Telecommunication

- Electrical Engineering

- Marine and Off-shore
- Jointing and Branching of Cables

- Termination of cables to Switchgears and Transformers

- Splicing of Telecommunication and Control Cables

- Branching from Main Cables to Service Cables

- Termination of Power Cables to Equipments
Slip-On Termination and Jointing System

RJC-AVM - Silicon Rubber Pre-molded Slip-on Straight Jointing System

RTERM-AEI - Silicon Rubber Pre-molded Slip-on Indoor Termination System

RTERM-AEF - Silicon Rubber Pre-molded Slip-on Outdoor Termination System
- Power Distribution and Transmission

- Utilities Board

- Power Generation

- Oil and Gas Marine and off-shore
- Splicing of Power Cables Up to 36KV

- Termination of Power cables Up to 36KV
Connectors and Cable Management System

RADI-LUG - Standard Tinned Copper Cable Lugs (Heavy Duty)

RADI-GLAND - Brass and Nickel Plated Glands for Armored and Unarmored CablesHT-RCM - Medium Voltage Tinned Copper Compression Lugs

RACFB/RACFC - Aluminum Straight Through Connectors Compression Type

RACL - Aluminum Terminal Cable Lugs for DIN 48201 Spec Conductors

RHCSTB/RHCSTC - High Tension Tinned Copper Straight-Through Connectors

- Electrical Engineering
- Marine and Ship Building
- Power Distribution and Transmission
- Power Generation

- Switchgear and Switchboards Manufacturers

- Automation and Equipments Manufacturers

-Electrical contractors

- Off-shore and Marine

- Building Electrical Maintenance

Railway Lines Maintenance

- Splicing of cables

- Termination of Cables

- Termination of cables into Control Boxes

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