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Electrical, Electronic & Automotive Wire Harnessing: Our range of  thin-wall and dual-wall tubing are excellent for light and heavy duty wire harnessing applications. These products provide good insulation and protection for in-line components, terminals and splices.  They are also ideal as strain-relief for electrical wire connections, bundling of wires and color coding of cables.

Electrical Insulation:  Radiform has developed a complete range of heatshrink tubing for the insulation of  electrical connections and bus-bars ranging from  600 volts to 36,000 volts (36KV). Our medium and thick wall tubing provide excellent insulation, mechanical protection and waterproofing capability for outdoor installations.  Radiform SKF100 and RSSL100 anti-tracking tubing are ideal for insulation of medium voltage bus-bars up to operating voltage of 36KV.  All products bearing the brand name of Radiform conform to international quality and performance standards: UL, BS, IEC, DIN, ASTM, ISO, Mil-Spec, KEMA, etc. 
Power Distribution and Transmission: In collaboration with our partner in Europe Radiform has developed a complete range of cable jointing and termination system for low voltage and medium voltage cables; utilizing heat-shrink and cast resin techniques.  In our resin jointing system, weoffer four main types of resin materials: epoxy resin, flame retarded polyurethane resin, removable polyurethane resin and the standard polyurethane resin. Materials
and joints are tested to conform to international quality and performance standards.  The components and materials of our heatshrink cable joints and termination kits are developed and manufactured under stringent quality control system ISO9002, and have been tested to conform to many international quality standards.

Cable Repair Kit And Corrosion Protection: Radiform wrap around sleeves and RTW tubing enable easy secure and quick repair of damaged cable jacket and line sheaths.   These products are also very suitable for used as corrosion protection of piping joints and as an outer insulation jacket for electrical connection joints.   The thermoplastic adhesive inner lining of the wrap around sleeves and the thick-wall tubing (RTW) provide excellent waterproofing and atmospheric sealing capability.   Good mechanical protection is obtained from the thickness of the RTW tubing.
Pre-molded Silicon Rubber Slip-on System:
The product range of Radiform+GT pre-molded silicon rubber slip-on cable accessories for termination and joint of medium XLPE insulated voltage cables is the result of our continuous product research and development. It consists of indoor and outdoor terminations and straight through joints for cables with operating voltage from 10KV to 36KV. These products ensure easy installation in complicated and hazardous operating environments. The insulating components of the termination kit are formed by screens in such a way that application in areas with increased humidity and temporary dewiness is possible. A collar at the termination guarantees a humidity-tight closing of the core. The product is tested and conforms to DIN VDE 0278 part 629-1.

Connectors and Accessories: In order to provide a complete solution to our customers for cable accessories, we have developed a series of connectors and cable management products suitable for use in power distribution, electrical engineering, automation and telecommunication. All products are developed and manufactured according to international quality standards such as BS, DIN, IEC, etc.

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